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Fire Cider Tonic


Fire Cider is a cold weather remedy that dates back thousands of years. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and immune boosting tonic that can help stave off illness and cold weather/seasonal disorders.


  • organic raw apple cider vinegar

  • organic raw honey

  • oregano

  • rosemary

  • garden sage

  • poblano pepper

  • ginger (with skin)

  • turmeric (with skin)

  • yellow onion (with skin)

  • hardneck garlic (with skin)

  • orange

  • lemon

  • pineapple skin & core


Please keep refrigerated. For internal use only. Shake well before drinking.

As a tonic, drink one teaspoon daily. You can take it plain, mix with a beverage, or blend into salad dressing. Heating it up is not recommended.

It can also be taken as a 1 oz. shot at first onset of cold or flu symptoms.

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