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Wild Flowers


Dandelion Collaborative offers personal coaching, community support, and educational programming using bespoke herbal support products, along with other natural means, to build awareness and empowerment around holistic healthfulness.

DColl advocates for liberation through health sovereignty and folk medicine in community. Our coaching and workshops focus on femme, LGBTQIA+, chronic health condition, neurodivergent, and BIPOC identities who have experienced trauma or dysfunction as a result of colonization, capitalism, white supremacy, misogyny, and other forms of systemic oppression.

To schedule a consult, workshop, or collaboration, reach out.


All Dandelion Collaborative herbal support and spiritual products are homemade in small batches from ingredients that are homegrown, locally foraged or sourced, or purchased through sustainable small business partners.

Products include medicinal, spiritual, and household herbal products such as proprietary herbal tea blends, tinctures & tonics, balms & salves, infused oils, dried and fresh herbs, smudge sticks, herbal pre-rolls, incense, wildflower seeds, non-toxic cleaning products, and more


Please note: While DColl recognizes the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, we do not currently make or sell products that are cannabinoid inclusive.

DColl currently operates as a pop-up vendor and online store. Make sure to visit our Events page for upcoming events, or shop online here! Products can also be customized with a consultation. To schedule a consultation, reach out.

Image by Andrew Lancaster
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